Local BMX Track?

I have just had cause to write to my local councillor for the first time, and it’s about a very important matter. There are plans to build a new bmx track on a park down the road! I’m eager to support this and really hope that it’s everything a child (and their mum!) could wish for:


“I would like to say how very excited we are at the prospect of a new bmx track in Wroughton! My children (aged 1 and 3) and I visited the park at Maunsell Way for the first time yesterday. Although I have lived in Wroughton since 2007,  we are riding out to parks further from home.
Although only 3, my son has been riding his bike (no stabilisers) since he was 2 and raced straight over to the ramp park there, only to find it wasn’t very user friendly, well, for a 3 year old!
I wondered what the plans were for that? As you can see, the ground on the entry and exit to each ramp has worn away so much that you’d have to pop your front wheel up when riding up. Something a skilled rider would manage no problem, but children starting out? Decidedly tricky. I’m sure that this is a popular feature with the young Danny McCaskill’s though, so this leads me on to the proposed bmx track…
From the plans (and I know these are basic) it seem as if it will simply be an oval track. Are you able to give me a bit more detail? I so very much hope that it will be something more along the lines of the bmx pump track shown here.
As you will read, it has brought a new lease of life to the area. I know so many Wroughton families that are desperate for a riding facility for their children and this sort of track would get so much use! I almost want to go out and buy myself a new bmx bike in anticipation!
I look forward to your reply and if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know!”

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