Sharing the Love

For me, ‘family cycling’ isn’t just about riding with the juniors on board, or encouraging them to cycle too, it’s also about sharing the love of two wheels with the older members of my extended team. Today was Round 4 of the Southern XC race series, which Mr P and I compete in. My big sister had already booked to take us all away to stay in a treehouse in the Forest of Dean and seeing as the race was in Winchester, that ruled out a sneaky couple of hours away! Instead I got to enjoy taking big sis and her fella to ride the Verderers Trail – only her 2nd time ever on a mountain bike.


Big sis was amazing and rode the whole course with determination. She didn’t think she did so well as it didn’t come naturally to her, but I had to remind her that I’ve been riding for 14 years now and my bike feels like an extension of me! After coaching her with a few tips, I reminded her to trust the bike – it was built to ride over this stuff – when she promptly reminded me that she wasn’t 🙂

Having two juniors means that time on the mountain bike is precious, and Mr P and I usually spend any child free time racing round as fast as we can. Today was a lovely reminder that mountain biking isn’t (just) about speed, racing and Strava times, but it’s also about riding your bike through the trees, bouncing over rocks, railing berms and laughing with your family. Lovely stuff.


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